Sunday, April 23, 2006

The bear is finished!!

Today I worked on my Forever Friends piece again. There were a few stitches so mostly I did the backstitch today, which was a complete nightmare. I love this anchor kits, I find them really cut. But I hate doing the backstitch on them, that's for sure my least favorite part.
This kit seem to bring a lot of extra thread, because after finishing it almost looks like I could stitch it again without having to buy anything. Maybe it's because I used a smaller count fabric than the one that comes with the kit
So anyway here's the pic, not sure how I'm gonna finish it though.

FRC803 Little Flower

Stitched on Silkweaver's 32ct Lugana Opalescent: Porcelain

My fur-baby is feeling a bit better today, but still not his usual self. My poor little guy has lost so much weight. He's lost almost 20% of his weight. I'm really worried about him, I hope he gets better really soon.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My baby is 3 today!

Today is my little bulldog's b-day. He is 3 today. The sad part is he's been sick since yesterday. I had to rush him to the vet yesterday, he looked very sad and in pain. And when we got there, they weren't sure what was wrong with him so he had to go through many tests. I was at the clinic from 9am until 8pm. It's was very stressful, we thought he needed an operation because of what was showing in the test. But at the end it was only an upset stomach. In 2days he's lost almost 5 kilos! He's feeling better today. I hope he gets well soon.
These pictures were taken 2 day ago... he looked so healthy then (that's my sister Carla by the way)
Remember I told you about my new floor stand. Today I decided to put it together....but 2 pieces were missing!!! So I'll have to write to the seller and tell them what happened, hopefully something can be done. Otherwise I'll have to go to my local carpenter and have those pieces made. :(

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Long post...

Sorry for not blogging for more than a week….again (I’m really bad at this).
This will be a long post since a lot has happened these past few days.
To begin my sister Carla had a car accident last week. But thankfully neither she nor her friend got hurt. She had just picked him up to go to school when this other driver decided to pass the red light. She was glad that nobody got seriously hurt, but she was also really mad because she had just got her car repaired and repainted less than two weeks before. And now who know how long it will take to get her car fixed.
Here are some pics

I didn’t do anything special for the holidays, so I did some stitching. I worked on Rune Gypsy, because there was a SAL going on the HAED board. I’m totally in love with this piece I can’t believe how detailed it is.

I also got a Stitching Stand Frame today… J… My dad went away for business to Houston about two weeks ago. I asked him if he could bring me this Gripit frame, since it’s really expensive to have it sent all the way here to Peru. Not only because of the shipping but also because of the taxes I would have to pay here. So I was loving my dad even more today..! I’ll put it together today or tomorrow and share a pic with you all.

Look with was almost as excited as I was with the package.

Monday, April 10, 2006


This has been a very stressful weekend here in Peru. We had to go vote yesterday to decide who our next president was going to be. But, theres going to be a "second round", since none of the candidates had more than 50% of the votes. I hate elections, of course they are important, but people seem to be more irritated than usual.

So because things seemed so tense around here, I did a lot of stitching this weekend. It helps me relax. On Saturday I worked on Rune Gypsy. I stitched the first 40 rows of page 11. Then I started working on the first few rows of page 12. Normally I would have worked my way down until I finish the page, but I was feeling to lazy to move things in my lap frame. Here's the pic, I promise on my next update to unroll the whole thing, again....I was felling lazy.
Yesterday, I picked up my Sunday project (the Forever Friends kit). I worked on it for many many hours. It seemed like I spent almost all day stitching and watching Tv waiting for the results. The stitching is almost done just a few spots to fill and then the backstitch. Which in Anchor kits seem to be a bit of a nightmare, but totally worth it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A bit more progress

I went away on a two day trip this week. I decided to take the forever friends kit with, just in case I felt like cross stitching during the evenings. Guess what? night I did. So here's the pic...
I did some progress on the background aswell, but you can't really see it in this pic, but I promise you it's there.
Before I went away I also put a few hours on my HAED wip...I'll share that pic with you all in the next day or so.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Today, I decided to pick up a project I had started a few months ago. I took this kit when I went to the beach back in december. But I didn't stitch that much during the trip, the light at the cabin was really low and it was really hard to see. During those day I only did what you see in green, the rest of the flower I did today.
It's a nice change to stitch something simple, it will be a nice break from my HAED piece (which will remain as my focus piece)
It's a Forever Friends kit by the way: Little Flower
This will now be my sunday project.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Finally an update...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've hardly picked up my needle in the last couple of weeks. I just was not in the mood for stitching. And the weather is still really hot here so it is almost impossible to sit and stitch for more than 15 minutes without starting to feel sticky.
I'm still working on my HAED piece. I've managed to finish two more pages. I have now completed 10 pages, so that leaves only 6 more pages to go.
Anyway, this is how it looks at 69%

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