Sunday, April 23, 2006

The bear is finished!!

Today I worked on my Forever Friends piece again. There were a few stitches so mostly I did the backstitch today, which was a complete nightmare. I love this anchor kits, I find them really cut. But I hate doing the backstitch on them, that's for sure my least favorite part.
This kit seem to bring a lot of extra thread, because after finishing it almost looks like I could stitch it again without having to buy anything. Maybe it's because I used a smaller count fabric than the one that comes with the kit
So anyway here's the pic, not sure how I'm gonna finish it though.

FRC803 Little Flower

Stitched on Silkweaver's 32ct Lugana Opalescent: Porcelain

My fur-baby is feeling a bit better today, but still not his usual self. My poor little guy has lost so much weight. He's lost almost 20% of his weight. I'm really worried about him, I hope he gets better really soon.

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Kitty Couture said...

Congrats Carol! Such a cute, cute design and you stitched it on a GREAT fabric too :)

Hope your dog gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Good recovery for your dog and congratulations on your finish. Why not finish it into a fabric tree to brighten the kitchen? Ann.

Kim said...

That turned out so cute! Love the flower, what a great pattern. :D

Sorry to hear your furry one is still sick, hope he's better soon.

fudgey said...

sad to hear your baby is not well... i hate i when my furry ones are unwell
your teddy finish is gorgeous

Trixie said...

Hello - I am new to your website but I became instantly enthralled with your work on Rune Gypsy ... it's beautiful. I write because you are the first x stitcher I've seen mention the GripIt. I've had one for about a year now and LOVE it. Make sure you order the pattern holder with it as the stand takes up quite a bit of space. Totally worth it to have everything ready for you when you get the urge to do a quick stitch or two.
Good wishes to your furbaby ... I completely understand the love of animals. And yours is just adorable!

Bea said...

Lovely forever Friends, it's looks really cute!

Hoping your pet will be ok as earlier as possible.

I have a dog, and when she's ill, it's terrible...



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