Monday, July 24, 2006

A wip and maybe an ufo...

It was mid-season SAL on the HAED bb, so this past week I worked on Moonstones. I'm a nearly done with pages 3 and 4. I was so excited when I saw her face, it's just lovely. I'm so looking forward to stitching again on her again this weekend.

I've decided I'm not going to continue with "Skip to my Lou". Eventhough I really liked how it looked in the magazine, I'm not happy with how it's turning out in my fabric. The backstitch just seems wrong, and I'm not really in the mood this days in making changes from the original chart. Maybe some that I'll pic it up again and finish it with some changes.

This weekend we find out my brother's baby will be a boy!! So now I'm on the quest of finding a design for an afghan I want to make for the little one. They're thing about naming him Joaquin, even though my vote went to Maximiliano ^-^.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Clever you! - Framed

Well today I picked up my latest finish from the in a couple of days it will be in its new home. Hope you like the final result :)
Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Progress of the week

I don't seem to have a lot of time to stitch lately. My brother's fiancee bridal shower is next tuesday so we've been getting everything ready for it.
I started a new project over the weekend. It's fromCross Stitcher's May issue: Skip to my Lou by Frances Lennon. So far it's been quit relaxing and fun to do. A nice change from my HAED piece.

Here's also an update of Moonstones...I already started he face!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Carol's WIP

I finally received the missing flosses. So now I don't have any more blank spaces. I can see her ear now!!!! Can't wait to see her face done.
By now I've completed page 1, this picture was taken yesterday morning. Now I have most of the hand done.

As you might noticed in the previous post my sister is stitchin again. It took her a while to get her stitching bug back. But it seems now it's slooooowly coming back! I used to make fun of her, because she got all her stitching things out, and never put a single stitch on. I try to keep her motivated now by showing her my wips, and telling her what a great job she's doing with hers ... ;0)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hi again :)

Hi everyone! I'm Carol's twin sister Carla...Some of you might remember me, I used to post here but when I began to study my MBA I just didn't have enough time to stitch. I've recently finished my studies so I finally have some time to stitch again. In the last few days I've finished this cute cat by Margaret Sherry, it is a gift for one of my classmates.

I've also started Richard by Maria van Scharrenburg. Here is a pic of my progress so far. I'm going to rotate this with HAED's Enchantment.

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