Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Last week's update

Winter break just started for schools here in Peru and my daughter had a dance presentation on Friday. She and her second grade classmates danced a zamacueca (an Afro-Peruvian dance) ....they did a wonderful job!!!

Here they are all dress up and ready to perform (Maria Fernanda is the fourth one from right to left)

A small extract of their dance...


As mentioned in my last post, I usually finish one amigurumi per week. Last week's finish is a cute penguin. This time I made him in royal blue  and I think he turned out super cute ❣❣

I love his big head and rosy cheeks *รœ*

Pattern:  Pen-Pen the Penguin by Tapanee Chaovanavatee
Yarn: 100% Cotton
Hook: 4mm (G)
Started: 09. July. 2018
Finished: 17. July. 2018


On Saturday I completed 10 more days of stitching for the "100 days of HAED challenge". There were some days that I just picked it up for less than 15 minutes because I was just too tired to stitch.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

An amigurumi finish and progress for HAED's challenge

I usually make one amigurumi a week and here is the one I finished last week: Bobble the Sheep.

I think he turned out ADORABLE ❣️❣️ For his body the designer used bobble stitch and I love the texture that it gives to the sheep's wool. 

Pattern:  Bobble the Sheep by Alyssa Voznak
Yarn: 100% Cotton
Hook: 4mm (G)
Started: 27. June. 2018
Finished: 03. July. 2018


I'm trying to be more constant with my cross stitch like I used to, so when I heard about the "100 days of HAED challenge" I signed up immediately. 

So far things are going great, I've stitched at least half an hour every single day since July 2. 

The design I chose is Punch of Color Girls #10 by Hannah Lynn, and I'm stitching it 1 over 1 full cross on 25ct Lugana (Easy Count)

Here is my progress for the first 10 days of the challenge: 

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

A wolf and a new challenge

Last night I finished another letter from my Soda Stitch piece: Alphabet Learning (SO-G39). I'm stitching it on 32ct Dirty Belfast Linen with Anchor threads. 

This piece was my 2017 New Year New start and I only have 3 more letter to add and it will be DONE!!! *รœ*

I have very little time to cross stitch but I still signed up for the 100 Days of HAED Challenge on Facebook. The challenge consists in adding at least one stitch to a HAED piece for 100 days (sign up closed on Sunday).

For this challenge I chose a new start: Punch of Color Girls 10 by Hannah Lynn.I've been wanting to start this one forever and the challenge was the perfect excuse *รœ*

My plan is to do all the black outline first and then fill in the colors. My goal for these 100 days is to finish all the black. 

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