Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A sleepy elephant lovey

I had very little time for crafting last week. I only managed to finish a little elephant lovey.

It's the first time I do a hexagon blanket and a really enjoyed making it! I thought it would be really complicated to make but it wasn't, just time consuming. 

Pattern:  Stephanie the Elephant Lovey by Yulia Mozhaiska
Yarn: 100% Cotton
Hook: 2.5mm(toy) - 3mm (blanket)
Started: 04. February. 2018
Finished: 09. February. 2018

Monday, February 05, 2018

Another finish!!

In less than a week I have another cross stitch finish to share °Ü° !

Yesterday was Fernando's 40th birthday and I finished his gift just in time! I stitched all day on Saturday and went to the store that night looking for a frame and thankfully I found the perfect one! *phew*

The cacti design is from Fuzzy Fox Designs and I added the little heart and the quote: Juntos Siempre (in English "Always Together"). This was my daughter's birthday gift for her dad; the cactus with the hat represent her dad and she is the one with the flower ♥

Cactus design: Miguel and Chloe from Prickly but Cute 
Cactus designer: Fuzzy Fox Designs
Stitch count 67w x 90h
Fabric: 32ct Chocolate Milk Lugana (Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie)
Threads: DMC and ThreadWorX (1028 - Wet Clay)
Started: 28. January. 2018
Finished: 03. February. 2018 

There were no big celebrations. We went to eat ceviche, his favorite Peruvian dish and enjoyed some family time before he had to travel back to Ayacucho, where he works.

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