Friday, October 28, 2005

Not much stitching done....

There was so much going on in my life this week, that I didn't have much time for stitching. I was in bed with the flu the first days of the week, not really in the mood for anything. Then on Wednesday it was my brother's birthday, so we had some friends for dinner. That same day my cousin came to visit, and she's staying with us for a few days. So everytime I took my stitching out of the bag something or someone interrupted me. But I'm glad I was able to finish at least one more of the bears, there's only one left now.

Here's my progress at 110 hrs...

The other day while organizing all my stash, I found this piece by Stoney Creek. I didn't even remember I had it. This project has a loooon story. I started it a couple of years ago while working in the north of Peru. I wanted to have it done for Christmas of 2003, but because I was missing some colors I wasn't able to. Then I went to study to Spain, so I left at my mom's house. Then when my parents separated last year, my mom sent all my stuff to my apartment here in Lima, so it stayed there until last weekend when I decided to organize.

I was surprised when I saw's almost I have to finish it. I'll put it in my rotation now, as my weekend project.

"In other news", my sister Carla is traveling to Europe in a couple of weeks. She's so exited, she's never been there before. She has to attend some classes in Maastricht as part as her MBA. She's staying there for 3 weeks, then she has 2 free weeks until she starts classes here again, so she will make a quick tour through some countries there, not sure which ones yet.

I'm so happy for her, she's hardly had any free weekend in almost 9 months, so she'll probably have a good time.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm sooo tired

We're almost done with our apartment "mini makeover". There's just a few things that need to be finished. I spent all Saturday very sore because of all the boxes and stuff we had to carry.

I did manage to work a few ours on my HAED piece on Sunday afternoon, but then I had a headache so I decided to call it quits for the day. I think I have the flu now.

Anyway, if I feel better in the next days I'll work on Row of Love

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Today after 108hrs I finished Mermaids of the Deep Blue. Definitely my favorite of all the Mirabilia mermaids.
There's a lot of beads in this piece, that was probably the only thing I didn't enjoy that much. I don't really like to attach the beads, put for some projects they are a must. In this design that is the case.

This piece was stitched on a 32ct Siklweaver Hand-dyed Lugana: Wandering Ivy. I'm actually really glad I chose a light green fabric, the gals with all those greens on their bodies really pop.

I have to give thanks again to my sister for giving me this pattern as a gift for my birthday...(gracias Carla, me encantó)

I don't know if I'll be able to stitch this weekend. We're doing some redecorating in my familiy's. And because I'm an architect they would kill me if I don't help.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Weekend update...

I wasn't in the mood for stiching this weekend. But I still managed to put some hours on my HAED piece. There was a lot of color changes and confetti stiches in this section... so frustating. But it's all worth it if at the end it will look like the original artwork.
I've now finished page 1... 15 to go....

I'm going back to my Mirabilia piece again this week, maybe I'll finish it by the end of the week. It depends in how I'm feeling in the next days.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Two done, two to go...

I'm at 100hrs on this piece now. I finally have two of the teddy bears completed, except for the backstitch (I'll do that at the end).
This kit came with a 14ct aida fabric, and called to be stitched with 2 strands. But the threads that come with the kit seem to be thiner than DMC, because I don't get as much coverage as I normally do. But eventhough there's a lot of white showing thru the stitches I still believe it looks good.

After completing my hours on Row of Love today, I thought I didn'te get much done this sweek. But then I saw my previous post on this design and realized that I DID get quite a bit done, especially on the background...So I was happy again.

I'm back again to stitch Rune Gypsy this weekend...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

WIP: Rune Gypsy

This weekend I worked on my HAED piece. I stitched mostly on Sunday, I wasn't in the mood on Saturday. Now you can see a bit more of her head. There was a lot of color changes in that small section, a lot of confetti stitches, but I believe it's totally worth it. And because of the tent stitching system it's was easy to keep track of all those different colors.
I'll probably pick this piece again next weekend. Anyway here the pic...

This week I'll try to put some more hours on Row of Love. I'll give my eyes some rest aswell, since it's much easier to sitch on Aida

Friday, October 07, 2005

At 80....

Here's my progress on the Mermaids. I'm having so much fun stitchings this gals.
There's so much beads on them, it seem like a never ending task. But, it's worth it...they just look so beautiful (if I may say so). I'm so glad I didn't leave all the beads to the end though...
They are very fast to stitch, I think the next time I pick them up, I'll probably finish them.

Today some friends came to visit, and saw these mermaids. And were so amazed by them. They said so many nice things about them. Even my brother made a nice comment (which is very rare)... They just made my day!

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Small Happy Dance!!

After 4 months without time to stitch...This weekend I finally had some free time, so I decided to do this free kit that came with the WOCS. I think he is adorable!!

HAED General SAL

After this weekend HAED General SAL, this is how my WIP is looking. I've been able to stitch about half a page. It's a lot more than what I have thought, eventhough it's only about 2% of the whole piece.

There's a lot of color changes, that's why I decided to do tent stitch on this project. I think I'll make less mistakes this way.

Now that I have started this beautifull piece, I'll definitely put it in my rotation. But it won't be my main project until the mermaids are finished.

If you want to see the original artwork of this design, here's the link: Rune Gypsy - Stephanie Roberts

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