Saturday, March 16, 2024

Relax...nothing is under control!

Another cross stitch for 2024 finished! This is something that doesn't usually happen 😜!

I started this project when my baby boy was only one month old, I really wanted to cross stitch but I knew it had to be something very simple where I didn't have to concentrate too much as I was still adjusting to the interrupted sleep phase.

I'm very happy with the end result and I think the fabric I chose really brings out the design. To finish it, I'll put it in a plain white frame.  

Design: Relax... nothing is under control! by Zahra Design Studio
Stitch count 80w x 93h
Fabric: 32ct Twilight Blue Jobelan
Threads: DMC
Started: 06. August. 2023
Finished: 13. March. 2024 
Stitching hours: 33hrs 25min

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Le D - Monogramme Angel

First finish of 2024!

I love the design but I'm not completely happy with the way my stitching looks 😕. I worked this piece one over one on a 28ct linen and I feel that my white stitches are not as neat as they could be, this is not noticeable with the red and black.

If I ever stitch another monogram from this booklet, I'll do it on a slightly bigger count fabric (maybe a 25ct evenweave).

Design: Le "D" - Monogramme Angels by A Mon Ami Pierre
Stitch count 122w x 151h
Fabric: 28ct Vintage Country Mocha Cashel Linen
Threads: DMC
Started: 23. January. 2024
Finished: 28. February. 2024 
Stitching hours: 22hrs 55min


Friday, December 06, 2019

Happy Dance!

Finished two small projects recently.

The first one is my daughter's 2019 Christmas ornament. The design is Peace & Joy by The Drawn Thread, this a kit I bought 10 years ago!!!! In September, I was going thru my stash and found this cute Santa and decided to finally stitch it °Ü°. 

The design is not only done with cross stitch but it has a few specialty stitches like the ones used for Santa's bag. The doves and Santa's face are done in silks and one over one. I usually hate stitching one over one on 32ct fabric but the silks made this task a lot easier. 

I hope to assemble this ornament this weekend... so come back soon to see a picture of it fully finished and hanging on the tree *yay* 

Design: Peace & Joy by The Drawn Thread
Stitch count 47w x 47h
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen
Threads: Threadworks - Needlepoint Silks - Whisper Thread
Started: 28. September. 2019
Finished: 24. November. 2019 

Another project I finished is Daisy Dog, that features a very pink and fun little dog. This design came on a digital magazine (no longer available) called The Gift of Stitching.

Early this year I remembered I had the complete collection of these magazines so I went thru all of them and made a list of the designs I wanted to stitch from them. Daisy Dog was designed by Stitchy Kitty and I love how bright and colorful it is. 

The design called for fancy floss (Weeks Dye Works, GAST and Crescent Colour) but I stitched mine with regular DMC and for the main fur of the dog I used ThreadworX (color 1100) and I also the suggested DMC 150 for 601

Design: Daisy Dog by Stitchy Kitty
Magazine: The Gift of Stitching N° 63  ~ May 2011
Stitch count 105w x 55h
Fabric: 28ct FOTM Exclusive Hand Dyed Jobelan (Silkweaver)
Threads: DMC - ThreadworX
Started: 24. April. 2019
Finished: 05. December. 2019 

Will be back soon to show you a birthday gift I made for my nephew... I want him to receive it first just in case he reads my blog and the surprise is ruined ;)

Thursday, November 21, 2019

A local meet up and a quick finish!

I belong to a local Facebook group of embroiderers called "Club del Bordado Peru" and on Sunday I went to a mini get together. We reunited at a park in Miraflores (Lima) and we talked, ate and stitched all afternoon. I had a great time and the plans are to get together at least once a month.

I wanted a small, simple project to take to this meeting, so I started a freebie by SV_Stitch called: "You're my Hero" and I actually made great progress *Ü*. I'm using a fabric that my cousin gifted me when she came to visit (she cross stitches, too). I don't think it's Aida but I still like how tiny and even my "x" look. I measured it and it's a 20ct fabric.  Here how it looked after the meet up.

And since I had very little left to do, I continued working on it until it was finished. Here is a picture before the backstitch was added.

I'm not a big fan of backstitch but in this project I enjoyed doing it. My plan is to fully finish it before the end of the year to gift it to one of the young boys in my family °Ü° 

Here it is finished!

Design: You're my Hero by SV_Stitch
Stitch count 27w x 65h
Fabric: 20ct Unknown White Fabric
Threads: DMC
Started: 17. November. 2019
Finished: 19. November. 2019 

Friday, November 15, 2019

A sheep and a llama

This month I tested two amigurumi patterns for designer Yulia Mozhaiska. I've tested several of her patterns and they always turn out super cute

Both were done with cotton yarn and a hook size 2.5mm. The first one I finished was a sweet sheep lovey, I really enjoyed making it and love the texture that the popcorn stitch adds to the doll. 

 Pattern:  Emily the Lovey Sheep by Yulia Mozhaiska
Yarn: 100% Cotton
Hook: 2.5mm| 3.0mm
Started: 18. October. 2019
Finished: 01. November. 2019
Total hours: 10

Thursday, August 08, 2019

A couple of finishes and progress

After a little hiatus I finally picked up my needles and started working on my cross stitch pieces. 

Since my last post, I finished two projects. The first one is "Viva la Vida" by Barbara Ana Designs, I started this design on December of last year, days before I went on a vacation to Mexico with my sister and our kids, as a way to commemorate our first trip to that country.
I really love the way it turned out!  I did everything as charted except the skin colors, for mine I used DMC 951 and DMC 3856 for the shadows. 

Design: Viva la Vida by Barbara Ana Designs
Stitch count 89w x 138h
Fabric: 32ct Chocolate Mil Lugana (Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie)
Threads: DMC
Started: 18. December. 2018
Finished: 15. June 2019 

The second piece I finished was Ice Princess by Heaven and Earth Designs. This was a freebie design that was posted on HAED's website many years ago, the original design had an owl on one of the princess' hand but I was not a fan so I cropped it off. I started this piece on 2015 when my daughter was 4 years old and a huge fan of Frozen, she's not into that movie anymore but she likes the design and is happy that it's done and that it will soon be hanged in her bedroom ;)

Design: Ice Princess by Heaven and Earth Designs
Stitch count 170w x 233h
Fabric: 25ct Lambswool Jobelan (1 over 1, full cross)
Threads: DMC
Started: 09. October. 2015
Finished: 24. June 2019

After I finished this pieces I lost my stitch bug but I did add a few stitched on a couple of pieces. 

One of the projects I worked on was Sans Souci by Long Dog Samplers, you can see in my previous post that I was almost done with page 3. That page is now done and made a start on page 4. 

The designs has a total of 9 pages so  I'm not even 50% done with it. I will try to work on it on a regular basis, because I feel I make a lot of progress on each stitchy session and I don't have to change colors constantly. 

Another piece I worked on was Pennywise by Alisa Okneas. I'm missing a few color for this design so it will be put away for a few days until I get them. 

Hopefully I'll finish it before the second part of the movie "IT" ;)

At the beginning of the  year I started a YouTube channel about my cross stitch. The videos are in Spanish but if you are interested in watching here is a link to my latest video. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sans Souci SAL

This is my current progress on San Souci by Long Dog Samplers. I'll finish stitching page 3 tonight so I can start working on the second row of pages this week. 

I'm using this project for a 100 day stitching challenge that's taking place on a Spanish Facebook group. I'm working on it for half an hour everyday (well almost everyday ;P ); 74 of those 100 days have passed and I think I've made good progress on this piece. 

Este es mi avance en San Souci de Long Dog Samplers. Terminaré la página 3 hoy para poder así comenzar la segunda fila de páginas esta semana.

Este proyecto lo estoy haciendo para el desafío de los 100 días de un grupo de Facebook. Estoy bordando en él media hora todos los días (bueno, casi todos los días ;P); 74 de esos 100 días ya han pasado y creo que he logrado un buen avance en este bordado.

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