2012 Crochet

 Frankie the Lobster
Frankie the Lobster ~ Stacey Trock

Rudy, the red nosed reindeer
Rudy the red nosed reindeer ~ Josephine Wu

Hootie the Owl
Hootie the tiny owl ~ Stacey Trock

Archer ~ Mystery CAL 
Archer (Mystery CAL) ~ Stacey Trock

Amigurumi Christmas Lights
Amigurumi Christmas Lights ~
Jill Watt

Rommy the Butterfly
Rommy, the Butterfly ~ Stacey Trock (modified pattern)

Chevron Pillow Case dress
Chevron Pillow Case dress ~ Brianna Olsen

Minnie Mouse Head Applique
Minnie Mouse Head applique ~ Sarah M. Jones

Minnie Mouse Ears headband ~ Jessica Lau

Comenzando...aun sin maquillaje
Minnie Mouse dress and ears ~ Julie Robertson

No name dress
Pattern not published yet ~ Brianna Olsen

Burnie, the bee (2)
Burnie, the bee (2) ~ Stacey Trock

Owl Basket
Owl Basket ~ Briana Olsen

Sammy the Dragon
Choose your own dragon adventure ~ Stacey Trock

Burnie the Bee
Burnie the Bee ~ Stacey Trock

Boo the Bee
Boo the Bee  ~Shannen Chua

Chain Loop Circle Scarf
Chain Loop Circle Scarf ~ Ashley McCann

MaryJane Slippers
Mary Jane Slippers ~ Lisa Gutierrez

Mini Heart Hair Clips
Mini Heart Hair Clips ~ Becky Dossey

Little Blue Bird
Simply Cute Blue Bird ~ Teri Crews

Kitty Cupcake
Kitty Cupcake ~ Susanna Lo

Little Owl
Little Owl  ~ Ana Paula Rimoli

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