Friday, February 25, 2005

New finish

These cute guys are finished…I love the color of this project, they are much brighter IRL; I think I’ll finish it as a pillow.
By the way this one was not for my father, I think I didn’t express myself correctly.

This week I got my WOCS, the same week that in the UK they get the next issue, well at least I got it, right?
In this issue I found the perfect project for my dad’s birthday Wordsworth (by Anchor)…I think I can get it done by Monday at least I hope I can.


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anneke said...

Hi Carla,
You have finished this very quickly. It turned out great!
What will be your next project.
have a nice week

Anonymous said...

Wow! You finished that FAST!! It so adorable! You really do wonderful stitching. I was so admiring your Roadster Santa, even if the gold is a pain you are doing a fantastic job with it! - Kim (

Carla said...

Thanks Anneke and Kim for your nice comments!

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