Wednesday, July 13, 2005

At 85....

This is my progress at 85 hours. This past weekend, I worked only with Kreinik and Rainbow threads. I recieved my order Friday morning, so I spent all weekend filling the spaces I'd left. Now I have two angels almost complete, only the beads are missing. I haven't ordered them yet, but I'll do so this weekend, because it will be very boring to do all of them at the end. This project has thousands of beads.

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Faith Ann said...

It's looking fantastic! I've been following your progress on the Mira BB...and hopefully it will inspire me to start working on mine again soon!

Every time I get in a groove with this project, working with the #8 braid drives me to put it back down! It's not as bad since I switched to the larger needles...but I'm still not a fan!

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