Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm a year older today

Happy birthday to me!!

Today is my 28th birthday... even though my sister and I are identical twins we don't share the same birthday. I was born 11.55 pm and she was born 10 minutes later. Because of this we have a 2 day celebration.

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anneke said...

Hi Carol, happy birthday to you *singing* you're about 10 years younger than me. what a great story about your births: so congratulations on your sister tomorrow too!
that kind of story can only be beaten by a twin with different years of birth!
I'll tell it my children tomorrow too, I just love those funny real life story things.
enjoy your birthday and your sisters.

Isabelle said...

That story of your births is so funny! I loved looking at your pictures - you both are so pretty.

Hugs and hope you're being spoilt with presents and lovely parties!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to you Carol & Carla, Wow another set of twins. Mine were 5 in April this year and boy are they a ahndful lol.

Have a lovely birthday. The pictures are fab

Hugs xxxxxxx

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