Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lots of pics...

This past saturday I went and picked up my Row of Love from the framer. It turned out very beautiful. I took this piece to a new framer, and a think she did an incredible job. I think I'll take my pieces to her from now on. I always complain that I can never find good supplies for stitching here in Peru, but one good thing about living here is that to frame things is not expensive, for this one I only payed about USD 20 ...*grin*

I also worked on Noah's Ark last week. I haven't stitched a Precious Moments' chart in a long time. I didn't remember how easy they were, since they have big blocks of color. I'm almost sure I'll have it done in time.

I got my camera back...YEY!!. So here are the pics of my latest finishes.

This is how I finished Stoney Creek's Tada!

This is how I finishes a Lorri Birmingham piece I did a couple of years ago.

Here it is again hanging in my entrance hall with a Dimension's kit I did last Christmas

My sister Carla is back from her trip. She'll be posting all about in the next days. She's also very excited because she finally has some free time for stitching again.

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Juul said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for showing all those wonderful finishings.
I'm still in love with the pile of snowman.
It's nice to see how you've finished it.
Hi Carla,
I'm glad you are safely returned back home, I can't wait to hear about all your adventures.
Bye Juul :o)

BeckySC said...

BeckySC<<<<< Waving at Carla :) Happy to know you are safely back-I hope you had a wonderful time :)

Carol, Row of Love looks fabulous!
Congrats :)

Your finishes are GREAT! Thanks for sharing them :)

Many hugs to you and wishes for a Wonderful Christmas!

Isabelle said...

Wow, Row of Love is stunning in its frame! Great, great job!

Your finishes are all lovely.

Hugs to you both, Carol and Carla! You two must be so happy to be together again. Make sure to give yourselves lots of hugs - they're so important!

Merry Christmas to you Carol, Carla and your family! Hugs!!!

Kathy said...

Happy Christmas to you both. Carol your stitching all looks lovely well done

Hugs xxxxxx

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