Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lots of pics...

I've been working on my Noah's Ark piece again this week. But just for a few hours, this summer seems to be hotter than ever. It's only about 30% done, but it's still a fun project to work on.

Look who decided he wanted to appear on my photo.... my lovely bulldog Hugo.

I also took two more pieces to the framer last weekend. I picked them up on Wednesday. I'm very pleased on how the "4 My Boys" piece turned out. But no so much with Mirabilia piece. I think it would have looked a lot nicer with a dark frame. My first instinct was to do that, but then I decided to follow the framers advice and chose the one you see. I'm seriously thinking on taking it back, and changing the frame. Anyway here are the pics.

And finally, some of you have asked me about my training program. Well it's similar to what you would call a "boot camp" style program. So it's very intense, a lot of people feel a bit sick the first few days because of all the hard work.
And Isabelle, I'm 5' 2" high (1.57m) ... very short.

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zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on your Noah's Ark. It is an adorable piece!

Hugo is such a cutie. His face screams "love me!!", doesn't it:)

Kathy said...

Wow great progress on Noahs ark.

Love the framed work, wow Mermaids looks great.

Hugs xxxx

BeckySC said...

Noah's Ark is taking great shape!
Your framed pieces are wonderful :)

Kim said...

Hugo is adorable! What a cute little guy! Your project is looking great too. :)

And I wouldn't call 5'2" that short, I'm 5'3" let's call it average. ;)

Good luck w/ your training! :D

lennyfrie32144857 said...
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Isabelle said...

Wow Carol, so many great pictures! You're stitching Noah's Ark so fast... As usual! :)

Your framed pieces are simply gorgeous!!

And I had to laugh when you said that 157 was "very short"... What about 154 cm then? Dwarfish, eh? Well, that's my own height! LOL!

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