Saturday, June 17, 2006

5 Things I have

Ok, I've been tagged....

  • 5 things in my fridge: Yogurt, Coke, apples, milk, andean cheese
  • 5 items in my closet: black cocktail dress, abercrombie jeans, knee high brown boots, my cross stitch stash, jenga game
  • 5 items in my purse: I never use purses.
  • 5 items in my car: doggie blanket, streets guide, my wallet, tissues, Carla's and Mario's books.
  • 5 people to tag: Anneke, Nicki, Isabelle, Juanita, Bea

I've done a little progress on my wip this week, but I haven't taken a pic yet. I'll try to take one tomorrow.

I also bought some stash this week, some HAED charts:

Three Graces and Enchantment, which will be actually stitched by my sister. Her first project after almost a year of not stitching. She has to defend her MBA dissertation on next Tuesday, so the best of luck to her. After that she'll probably have some free time again.

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Bea said...

Wow, I've been tagged, so that it menas I have to answer these questions??




Nicki said...

Thanks for the tag! I want to post a progress occie today, so I'll answer them tomorrow :)

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