Friday, February 02, 2007

WIP: Baby's Friends

A couple a weeks ago I wrote I was going to stitch on this project 2 days a week...well a week after I wrote that I didn't follow my own rule *oops* and I didn't work on it at all but this week I felt like picking it up again and I think I did quite a bit of progress. I'm really enjoying this project, love the bright colors but I'm not looking forward for all the backsitch and French knot I'll have to do when I'm done with the x stitch
Thanks a lot for all the comments...I love to read them!!

Hace un par de semanas escribí que iba a trabajar en este proyecto 2 veces a la semana, pues a la semana siguiente no lo cumplí jejej...y recien esta semana lo he retomado. Me esta encantando trabajar en él pero creo que va a ser toda una pesadilla al final con todo el pespunte y nudos franceses que voy a tener que hacer para terminarlo.

También quiero agradecer todo los comentarios que he estado recibiendo ú encanta leerlos y me inspira a seguir bordando :)

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Vonna said...

It will beautiful once complete I'm sure....I don't envy you the backstitching and french knots either :)

Cindy said...

Your progress is looking fantastic!!!

claudia said...

Shame on you for breaking your own rules! LOL Oh well, I know exactly what you feel when you set a goal like that for yourself and then don't stick to it...I've done it hundreds of times.
It looks beautiful though, you are coming right along with it!

Sue said...

I've recently come across your blog and your stitching is very nice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sharing and if it gets hard, think of the beautiful smile on the face of the child who will receive this gift full of love from you ;-) Ann.

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