Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SBQ - WIPs and UFOs

How many WIPs do you have? How many UFOs do you have? When does a WIP become a UFO?

I don't have a lot of WIPs, just 2: The Guardians and Sarah Kay (design from Cross Stitcher mag.), I've put only a few stitches on both designs but hopefully soon I'll change that . And UFOs I just have 1: Richard by MVS and the reason it's a UFO is just that I got bored of it.

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Christine said...

Hi Carol !
You are very strong minded not to begin stitching designs. I have about 10 wip. I like your Mirabilia wip.

The needle & I said...

I wish I had your willpower.I have so many WIP's and UFO's, I get so overwhelemed sometimes. It would be nice to just have a couple. I love your FOB, great finish. I have not made one yet, but I keep thinking I should.

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