Sunday, May 31, 2009

Progress and a new project :)

AfterI finished QS Tag Alongs, I made my oldest wip, The Guardian, my focus piece :P . I'm really happy with the progress I made this month :) After I finish it, I'll have to check carefully if I've not let any whole because I've been jumping all over the place in this design and I've left a lot of single stitches unstitched :S

Después que terminé QS Tag Alongs, puse como proyecto objetivo: The Guardian :P . Estoy muy contenta con el avance que he tenido este mes :) Después que termine de bordarlo debere revisar cuidadosamente si no he dejado algún puntito sin bordar, ya que estado saltando por todas partes en esete bordado y ya he podido ver que tengo varias areas en las que solo me falta una sola puntada :S

I'm all set to start another HAED; this time I chose a full size design not a quick stitch. It's an artwork by Zindy Nielsen and the chart has 15 pages in total. I'm stitching it on a hand-dyed fabric because the design has a lot of off-white stitches (tons of it!) and I think it would be a nightmare to stitch white on white fabric. Well I'm off to iron my fabric and start stitching!!!...Happy Sunday!

Estoy lista para empezar un nuevo HAED; esta vez no haré un "quickstitch" sino un diseño mucho mas grande. El arte es de Zindy Nielsen y el gráfico consta de 15 páginas. Lo haré sobre una tela teñida ya que este diseño tiene muchísimo blanco y creo que me resultaria una pesadilla bordar blanco sobre blanco,. Bueno me voy a planchar mi tela para poder empezar a bordar!! .... Feliz domingo!

June goals:
1. Finish The Guardian
2. Finish Halloween Fairy
3. Stitch on L*K's Boo club
4. Continue to stitch on Shh Now
5. Participate in HAED's 2009 SAL
6. Stitch an ornie for the 2009 Christmas Challenge
7. Start a Christmas gift

Metas para junio:
1. Terminar The Guardian
2. Bordar en Halloween Fairy
3. Bordar en L*K's Boo club
4. Continuar bordando en Shh Now
5. Participar en el SAL de mayo de HAED
6. Bordar un adorno para 2009 Christmas Challenge
7. Empezar un regalo de Navidad

May goals:
1. Stitch on The Guardian ~ Yes!
2. Stitch on Halloween Fairy ~ Yes!!
3. Stitch on L*K's Boo club ~ Yes!! Stitched 2 more blocks :)
4. Finish QS Tag Alongs ~
Yes :) !!
5. Participate in HAED's 2009 SAL ~
6. Stitch an ornie for the 2009 Christmas Challenge ~ Yes!!! I stitched Starry Night
7. Finish and mail a b-day gift for SBBC 2009 partner ~
8. Started a full size HAED: Shh Now

Metas para mayo:
1. Bordar en The Guardian ~
2. Bordar en Halloween Fairy ~
3. Bordar en L*K's Boo club ~ Si!! Bordé 2 bloques más :)
4. Terminar QS Tag Alongs ~ Si :) !!!
5. Participar en el SAL de mayo de HAED ~
6. Bordar un adorno para 2009 Christmas Challenge ~
Si!! Bordé Starry Night
7. Terminar y enviar regalo de cumple para mi compañera del blog SBBC 2009 ~ Si!!

8. Empecé un diseño de HAED: Shh Now

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Vonna said...

Oh wow...look at that Guardian! WOW!

Tammy said...

Guardian is almost finished - yay :o) I too have thought about stitching Shh Now. Love it. Can't wait to see it stitched.

tkdquintmom said...

Carla, I can't believe you are doing another HEAD! It's a pretty one too. Ok, I JUST ordered some fabric on Thursday for my first HEAD: Pirate. I gotta be nuts. How many skeins of each DMC do you know how much to get of when you're doing these things? Can you help me out with that? Also, I made the mistake of taking a look at Hanna Disney's designs after seeing yours done...I'm in some trouble! lol

Srinity said...

The Guardian looks great! And you have such a pretty chart waiting for your new start.

zoomcity said...

Guardian is looking great, I can't wait to see how far you get this month...finish, maybe? :o)

Mel said...

Guardian looks great!
Can't wait to see your new HAED start.

Ranae said...

You are getting so close in The Guardian, it's looking great.
Very nice new HAED you picked.
Good Luck on the June goals

Kathy said...

OH WOW Carla, The Guardian looks stunning, can't wait to see it finished.

WOW another HAED too, I must get one of the 5 I ahve on the go finished. Will get one out next week.

Hugs xxxxx

CindyMae said...

The Guardian is looking just amazing! Wonderful progress with beautiful work! I also love the HAED that you will be starting soon. What a beautiful piece of art that it. I look forward to watching you stitch it!

Doris said...

wow el guadián ya casi lo tienes listo!.

aysezhu said...

Un diseño precioso, seguro que con la tela teñida queda genial

Lana said...

Wow! you have really been going to town on the Guardian! I have enjoyed your progress through this project! i know what you mean about having ot go back and catch all those little holes/missed stitches! It's a given when you have a large project like that, and with mostly solid looks great!

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