Sunday, September 04, 2011

Xmas Ornament sent and received :)

I got an email today from Marie P., letting me know that she got the little ornie I sent her for the HoE Lizzie Kate ornament exchange. For this exchange, I stitched Merry Chris-mouse from the Tiny Tidings series. I like small ornies that's why I did it on 40ct linen with DMC thread, for the beaded edge I used Mill Hills beads 02063 and 60161.
When I was almost finished stitching this piece I noticed I had made a huuuge mistake, I notice a big space between the letters and two of the gifts....I had added like 10 columns to the red gift, I didn't have time to stitch another piece so to fill the gap I added Christmas bulb lights to fill that space :P

Hoy recibí un correo de Marie P, haciendome saber que había recibido el pequeño adorno que le había enviado para un intercambio. Elegí Merry Chris-mouse, un diseño de la serie Tiny Tidings de Lizzie Kate. A mi particulatrmente me gustan los adornos pequeños por lo que hice este en un lino 40ct y utilicé hilos DMC y mostacillas d Mill Hills (02063 y 60161).
Cuando ya estaba a punto de terminar de bordar este diseño note que me habia equivocadoooo!,´vi mucho espacio entre las letras y los regalos por lo que al revisar bien la gráfica me di cuenta que había aunmentado como 10 columnas al regalo rojo, no tenpia tiempo de bordar otro diseño por lo que para llenar el espacio puse botones con forma de bombillas de luces de Navidad :P
Merry Chris~mouse
Design: Merry Chris~Mouse (#126 Tiny Tidings XI) by Lizzie Kate Stitched on 40ct Ice Cappuccino R&R Reproduction Linen with DMC threads
Stitch count: 50w x 48h
Started: 03.August.2011
Finished: 10.August.2011

Last week, I received my ornament from Joke in The Netherlands. She made this lovely ornament from Tiny Tidings XI and it's done with DMC threads. Thank you Joke!!

La semana pasada recibí mi adorno de Joke en Holanda. Ella eligió este adorable diseño de Tiny Tidings XI y lo hizo con hilos DMC. Muchas gracias Joke!!

L*KOrnamente Exchange


On July, my little family and I went to have a professional photo session :) Here are a couple of pics form that day.

En julio, mi pequeña familia y yo tuvimos una sesión profesional de fotos :) Aquí un par de fotos de ese día.

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Becky K in OK said...

Great little pillow for Marie P. I would not have known about your huuuge mistake if you hadn't mentioned it. I'd say it worked just wonderfully.

Rachel said...

I love what you did with your ornament exchange piece. I wouldn't have noticed it either!

Looks like you had a lot of fun at the photographer's!

Annette said...

You did a awesome job on that small pillow... love the buttons on it!!! It looks great...
You also receieved a beautifull piece!!

Ow ow .... I love your pic's... she is getting so big!!

Lana said...

Great ornament!!! I love it! Your family photos are adorable too!

Giovanna Chávez said...

Los adornos son muy lindos y ya ves, los pequeños errores siempre se pueden arreglar.
La gordita está para comérsela. Muy lindas fotos.


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