Saturday, June 11, 2005

Feather Fairy

After almost 6 hours of stitching, this is my progress on Feather Fairy by Mirabilia . This is my first time working on Lugana...I'm finding it quite difficult ...hopefully I'll be able to stitch a little bit more tonight and tomorrow night and if I make some progress I'll post a picture during the week.
After seeing Mandy's progress, I 've realized that I'm a very sloooooow stitcher.

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Mandy said...

Hi Carla - You're doing well. The reason it looks like I've done more is because I'm not stitching on a new fabric - you're a bit slower because you're having to get used to stitching on lugana!! I'm sure you're progress will speed up as you get used to it!! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!!


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