Monday, June 20, 2005

WIP: Enchanted Alphabet

This is my progress so far in this L&L chart. I'm actually amazed on how fast it's coming along, I believe it's because the letters are really fast to stitch.
I did some changes on the child's hair. I used the colors specified on the charts, but because I'm using a yellowish fabric I thought the light blond hair would get lost, so decided to do it just a bit darker by blending.

One of my childhood friends has just started to stitch, she's very excited about it. She's stitching a Strawberry Shortcake for her baby daughter. I've been kind of guiding her by our chats on meesenger, because we don't live in the same city right now. She's gonna send me some photos of her progress and as soon as she does, I'll be sharing them with you guys.

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Little Grey Cat said...

Your Enchanted Alphabet is coming on so fast, and it's gorgeous. Doesn't it stand out well on the fabric you chose. I think you've made a good choice in the hair colour too - it's very natural looking.

Looking forward to seeing your friends stitching - you'll have to talk her into starting her own blog.

Kathy said...

Oh wow, what a lovely Alphabet, looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Hugs xxxxx

Carol said...

Nice job! Looks great on that fabric!

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