Monday, October 03, 2005

HAED General SAL

After this weekend HAED General SAL, this is how my WIP is looking. I've been able to stitch about half a page. It's a lot more than what I have thought, eventhough it's only about 2% of the whole piece.

There's a lot of color changes, that's why I decided to do tent stitch on this project. I think I'll make less mistakes this way.

Now that I have started this beautifull piece, I'll definitely put it in my rotation. But it won't be my main project until the mermaids are finished.

If you want to see the original artwork of this design, here's the link: Rune Gypsy - Stephanie Roberts

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Lnanaa said...

I think it's neat that you started a HAED project. They're all very beautiful and I have been wanting to start one too but I just can't decide which one yet!

Kim said...

The colors look great--I just love the detail in these designs! Happy stitching!

Ruth Ferguson said...

what does tent stitches mean?

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