Sunday, October 09, 2005

WIP: Rune Gypsy

This weekend I worked on my HAED piece. I stitched mostly on Sunday, I wasn't in the mood on Saturday. Now you can see a bit more of her head. There was a lot of color changes in that small section, a lot of confetti stitches, but I believe it's totally worth it. And because of the tent stitching system it's was easy to keep track of all those different colors.
I'll probably pick this piece again next weekend. Anyway here the pic...

This week I'll try to put some more hours on Row of Love. I'll give my eyes some rest aswell, since it's much easier to sitch on Aida

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Kathy said...

What lovely colours, looking forward to watching this one grow

Hugs xxxxxx

zoeandcooper said...

I am amazed at how quickly you are making progress on this piece. I am very intimidated by HAED pieces. Maybe I will work up to one someday. In the mean time I will enjoy watching you work on yours:)

BeckySC said...

Looking great! The colors are really nice!

I have some aida fabric that I will send to you if you want it. I no longer stitch on aida and would love for it to go to a good home...just let me know :)

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