Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend update...

This weekend I spent a few hours working on my "lost project" (as some of you have named it). There's only 3 snowmen left now. Now I'm sure I'll have it done in time for Christmas YEY!

Because I started this piece about 2 years ago, I've realized that my stitchibg has improved a lot since then. It is more neat now, the crosses are more even... it's great to see that I'm getting better.

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Kim said...

Those snowmen are just so cute I can hardly stand it. :D It is a fun project can wait to see it finished. Your Rune Gypsy is beautiful as well! It looks like so much work, you have more patience than I. :)

Lnanaa said...

The snowman are so cute! I feel like making one now.

I'm impressed how you're progressing well with the HAED project.

Anonymous said...

It's such a cute project. The HEAD project is looking good seems sooo big. Ann.

Kathy said...

The Snowmen are sooo georgeous, can you let me know what the pattern is so I can add it too my wish list, thanks in advance

Hugs xxxxxxx

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