Sunday, December 10, 2006

Afghan update..

So like Carla has told you, I've had little or no free time for stitching. After almost a month it seems like I've made very little progress.
My SIL is having her baby this thursday and there is no way I can have the afghan done by then as I'd planned. I don't even think it will even be done by Christmas ... :(
But the good thing is that I still have fun working on it, and if you don't mind me saying so... it looks gorgeous IRL! .... :)

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Cindy said...

It does look gorgeous indeed!!! You are doing a fantstic job on it! No matter when you finish it, it will be treasured!!!

Kim said...

It is very gorgeous and I'm sure she won't mind waiting for it just a bit. :D

Mayté said...

It is very pretty!! The christams decoration in your blog is very cute :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your progress. It sure looks as though you are almost finished on this one. Ann.

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