Friday, December 08, 2006

WIP - Gabriela

This is my progress on the name sign...after I posted the previous pic I notice that the letter G was not in the right position so I had to "frog" the whole letter ... oh well I think everything is Ok now.
I had to scan it this time, so the colors are all not as how you see them IRL. I think I'll finish it by the end of the week and on Monday I'll work again on Wordsworth - Christmas Cheers.
For those who are wondering, Carol is still stitching on the afghan. She has very little free time so she only works on it on Sundays.

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Anonymous said...

Good progress. Have fun the both of you. Ann.

an_drea said...

wow, great new image for your blog
I like Pannasmontata so much, but I don't see this template on her site. Are you "tunning" some template yourselves?
Thanks ;-)

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