Thursday, January 03, 2008

Princess and the P

I've been working a little bit on Princess and the P. I have to stitch for short periods of time on it because last Friday my nephew broke my eyeglasses (which I need to stitch) so my eyes get really tired if I stitch for too long; this weekend I'll go buy some new ones, it's really difficult to stitch, watch tv, be on the computer or do anything without them!
Have a nice weekend!

He estado avanzado un poco "Princess and the P". Tengo que bordar por cortos periodos de tiempo en él, pues el viernes pasado mi sobrino rompió mis anteojos (los cuales necesito para bordar) y mis ojos se cansan mucho si bordo por mucho tiempo. Este fin de semana iré a comprar unos nuevos, pues es bastante pesado bordar, ver tv, estar en la computadora o hacer cualquier otra cosa sin ellos!
Buen fin de semana!

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Sweet Pea said...

Cute! Kim and I are doing a little mini stitchalong on that chart. She's changed up some of her colors and I haven't posted any pics yet, but there you have it! ;-)

Itching To Stitch said...

Carla ~ This piece is so cute. You're moving right along with it ;)

Becky K in OK said...

So sorry about your eyeglasses. I would be lost without my stitching glasses. P&P is coming along quite nicely. Happy New Year!

Vonna said...

Oh that is so sweet! Sorry about your eyeglasses...I couldn't get through life without mine!

Carol said...

Aw, that is so cute Carla!!

Marika said...

That work is so cute !! I love it too. It´s on my wishlist too.
Sorry about your eyeglasses. I need mine all the time and would be in trouble without them

Kim said...

sweet pea sent me to your blog as atonement for not posting any pics of her P+tP. Yours is looking great!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

What a cute piece! Great progress:)

Ranae said...

Oh! I really really like this one for sure, it is going on my wishlist. I love the colors

Crazee4books said...

Hi Carla, Happy New Year!!

Wow, you've been busy with stitching and finishes since last I visited.
Where to begin???

I'm partial to LHN designs, and since you've stitched several of them lately those are the ones that stand out.

I really didn't think that Peace from the JCS Ornaments issue was very Christmasy to look at, but it sure is pretty. And I love how you've finished it. That pert little pink bow on top really sets the design off nicely.

Thankful for Ewe is so cute too. I love the sheep. What a relief that it wasn't lost in the mail. How sad, and frustrating, that would have been. I guess that's always a worry when participating in exchanges.

I don't have any San Man designs in my stash yet, but the one that you stitched of the snowman (Magic Hat) is adorable. I like the change that you made with his eyes. It gives his face a really sweet expression. Nice call. Love the sparkly material that you stitched him on too.

I look forward to seeing your progress on The Princess and the P.
It looks like a fun stitch, and so pretty in pink.

I'm trying to imagine spending New Years Eve/Day at the beach. Hmm...if we did that here we'd have to bundle up good and proper to avoid freezing noses and toeses.

Mind you, it's quite the tradition here for groups of people to don bathing suits and head out on New Years day to a nearby beach for a dip in the lake. They're called Polar Bear swims, and usually are staged to raise money for charity.

At a signal the volunteers run en mass into the water and immerse themselves totally, before running back to the beach to dry off again and warm up. It always makes me shudder to watch them on the tv news.

Hope you've got your new glasses now Carla. My DH left his reading glasses at church over Christmas and was so annoyed with himself because he couldn't read anything without them.

My warmest best wishes to you and your family for the New Year Carla.


tkdchick said...

Urgh! What a pain not to have your glasses! Your progress is lovely!

Wawanna said...

Its darling! Hope you get new glasses pronto, I can't stitch without them. Uou are going to have lots of fun with this one, may your needles just fly! Best stitching wishes.

Hazel said...

Very pretty! xx

Anonymous said...

Está quedando lindo... que penita lo de tu lentes... ojala pronto puedas comprarte unos para que te canses menos...besitos

Dawn said...

Great progress! Sorry to hear about your glasses.

monique said...

Oh no! I'd be so lost without my glasses... hope you have gotten new ones easily :)

Stitchingranny said...

Oh no - without my glasses I wouldnt be able to see to walk never mind stitch lol.

P & P is coming on nicely

Hannah said...

Your progress is looking great!

Your glasses ordeal reminds me... I am down to my last pair of contacts and my prescription is expired! Looks like I'll be going to see the eye doctor next week!

Wendy said...

You had some great progress on Princess and the Pea! Sorry to hear about the broken glasses though. I hope you were able to pick up new ones without too much trouble.

kathyskreations said...

That is sooo sweet, I do sometimes wish I had a girl and not boys rofl. Although I wouldn't change them for the world.

Lovely Carla

Hugs xxxxx

Nelapx said...

pues adelanteeeeeeeeee esta hermoso... en rosa... creo el rosa es tu color favorito por que sera que lo creo?¿ jajajajja y cuidado con mucho sol en la playaaa... y a buscar lentes los ojitos deben ser cuidados muuucho

sonia said...

Pero tu duermessss????

Leena said...

Happy New Year Carla! I'm sorry to hear about your eyeclasses.

Your WIP is looking great! Also the last finish for the year 2007 is very lovely, such a nice snowman design :)

Karyne said...

Que bello va quedando!!!! Me encanta!!!! Trata de no esforzar tus ojitos, es prefeirble esperar un poco!!!! Un abrazo y feliz año nuevo!!!! Con cariño, Karyne

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