Sunday, January 20, 2008

SBQ and Tagged

This week's SBQ was suggested by Outi and is:
What is your favorite past time while stitching? Do you just enjoy silence, listen to music/audiobooks or do you "watch" TV/movies? Do you have specific favorites you listen to/watch while stitching?

I always watch TV while I'm stitching, on weekdays it's usually the evening news and on weekends it's movies and series show.

I've been tagged by Mary to tell you some things about me...

4 movies I watch over and over:
- Dying Young
- Sweet Home Alabama
- Angel Eyes
- Titanic

4 places I've been:
- Barcelona, Spain
- Maastricht, The Netherlands
- Paris, France
- Boston, US

4 places I've lived:
- Talara, Peru (my hometwon)
- Houston, TX
- Lima, Peru
- Just three places :)

4 TV shows I watch:
- Grey's Anatomy
- Private Practice
- Ugly Betty
- Samantha who

4 people that email me regularly:
- Carol
- Danny
- My dad
- Ana

4 favorite things to eat:
- Chocolate
- Lasagna
- Lomo Saltado (Peruvian recipe)
- Aji de Gallina (Peruvian recipe)

4 places I'd rather be:
- at home stitching
- traveling the world!
- at the beach :)
- back in school...I loved school!!

4 things I look forward to this year:
- having a lot of time to stitch
- getting back to my ideal weight (6kg down ...6kg more to go)
- winter!!
- working on getting my business to it's best.

4 people to tag:
- Anyone who wants to join in :)

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