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Today I'm leaving on a 10 day vacations with my mom, sister and daughter to the beach *Ü*!! We're going to a small beach town called Zorritos that it's located in the northwestern part of Peru. It's mom's hometown and I think it's been almost 7 years since I've been there. I'm taking a small project to stitch there and even convinced my sister to take one herself so we can stitch together like we used to when we lived together :) ...I'll share pic of our trip when I get back home.

Since it's the 1st of the month, I'll set my new goals for the month and review the ones I set myself for March.

I didn't do as good as I wanted with my goals but still managed to make some progress on my wips:
1. Finish my page on Chelsea's Project ~ Nope! I'm at little over 80% done with it.
2. Complete 30% of SK Blue Moon ~ Nope! This one only came up once in my rotation this month.
3. Stitch March's Dessert of the month ~ Yes! It was a cute shamrock ♣
4. Pick up again SO-380 Scent of Wind and make some progress on it ~ Nope! Not touched it one :(

Other things that I did are:
1. Stitch two new models for Barbara Ana Designs (I'll share pictures as soon as a can)

And here are my new goals for April:
1. Stitch April's Dessert of the month
2. Order the threads I need to finish page 12 of Chelsea's Gift and finish it
3. Order the threads I need to finish page 1 of SK Blue Moon and finish it
4. Finish the project I'm starting on my vacations
5. Make progress on SO-380 Scent of Wind

Hoy me estoy yendo por 10 días de vacaciones a la playa con mi mamá, hermana e hija *Ü*!! Nos vamos a una pequeña playa llamada Zorritos que esta ubicada al norte del país. Es la ciudad natal de mamá y creo que hace casi 7 años no voy por allá. Estoy llevando un pequeño proyecto para bordar mientras estoy allá y he convencido a mi hermana´para que lleve ella uno también así podemos bordar juntas como lo haciamos cuando viviamos juntas... les mostraré fotos de mi viaje cuando regrese :)

Como es el primero del mes, los dejaré con mis metas para el mes de abril; pero primero una revisión de cómo me fue en marzo.

Estas fueron mis metas:
1. Terminar mi página del proyecto de Chelsea ~ Nop! Pero ya un 80% de la página esta hecha.
2. Completar un 30% de SK Blue Moon ~ Nop! Sólo hizo su aparición una vez en mi rotación.
3. Bordar el postre del mes de marzo ~ Si! era un cake pop en forma de trébol ♣
4. Retomar SO-380 Scent of Wind y lograr progreso en éste ~ Nop! No lo cogí ni una sola vez :(

Otras cosas que hice:
1. Bordar dos nuevos diseños para Barbara Ana Designs (mostraré fotos apenas pueda) 

Y mis nuevas metas para abril:
1. Bordar el postre del mes de abril
2. Comprar los hilos para termina la página 12 de Chelsea's Gift y terminar ésta
3. Comprar los hilos para terminar la página 1 de SK Blue Moon y terminar ésta
4. Terminar el proyecto que empecé durante mis vacaciones
5. Avanzar SO-380 Scent of Wind

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dulcinella said...

maybe not everything you wanted, but you did make progress. It seems to me setting out these goals sure helps to keep you focused instead of addig new projects all the time ( what I do really well:-))

Annette said...

have a wonderfull vacation!!
It sounds like fun..
Enjoy your family your daughter and the beach..
And also your stitching ;))Have fun

Rachel said...

Have fun on your vacation ;)

Good luck with your goals in April!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Disfruta tu viaje!

Debbie said...

Wishing you a good time with your lovely family, resting and bonding together.
Debbie Moss

Debbie said...

Wishing you a good time with your lovely family, resting and bonding together.
Debbie Moss

♥ Nia said...

Enjoy!!! Have fun sweetie :D

Giovanna Chávez said...

A disfrutaaaaarrr!!!

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