Friday, April 06, 2012

WIPocalypse ~ April update

I'm enjoying my vacations on the beach right now *Ü* ... but I've scheduled this post to be published on time for the WIPocalypse update.
This month I only managed to work on my WIPocalypse projects the second half of the month, so not a lot of progress was made.

En este momento estoy disfrutando mis vacaciones en la playa *Ü* ... pero deje programado esta entrada para que se publique el día en que tenemos que mostrar nuestros avances para el WIPocalyse.
Este mes sólo pude avanzar estos proyectos en la segunda mitad del mes, por lo que no pude lograr todo el avance que yo hubiera querido.

SK Blue Moon ~ week 6
Progress 03/08/2012
SK Blue Moon ~ week 7
Progress 04/06/2012
Week 6
Progress 03/08/2012
Week 7
Progress 04/06/2012

7 comentarios:

Cathy said...

Looking good. You are moving right along.

dulcinella said...

Your progress is impressive, if you can stitch four weeks in a month, it will be finished before you realize! I love the colors on the blue moon so much!
enjoy your vacation:-)

♥ Nia said...

looking good :)


Sweet Easter to you :)

Heidi said...

Beautiful projects, great progress!

milly said...


You've made such good progress on your projects - they look lovely!

Veronica said...

Progress is progress and I think you did great. So are you still on vacation or back? Either way, hope you had fun.


Joysze said...

They're both looking great, Carla. :D

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