Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A goal met and a new obsession

SK Blue Moon ~ week 16At the beginning of the month, I set myself to stitch a certain amount of stitches on SK Blue Moon in order to be able to finish the first two pages before the last one is sent out in August...I'm happy to report that this month I DID meet my goal *yay*
I'm really happy of how this one is stitching up =)

A principios de mes, me establecí bordar una cierta cantidad de puntadas en SK Blue Moon para poder tener listas las dos primera páginas antes de que envien la última en alegra mucho informar que este mes SI CUMPLI mi meta *yay*
Me encanta como esta quedando este proyecto =)

Blackberry Black SaladFor a while now I've been wanting to learn to crochet. I asked my sister Carol to teach me and on Sunday we finally sat down and she explained me how to do it =) . I think I'm hooked!!! :P
 I found a pattern for a bobble blanket on Ravelry but as I didn't want to start with something that big for my first project I've decided to do a  cushion based on that pattern. I chose really bright, happy color for it; it's going to be for Maria Fernanda's bed.
I started it on Sunday and after an hour of stitching I noticed I had added a few stitches on a row so I had to rip almost everything and restitch :S...this is my progress so far =)

Hace ya un tiempo quería aprender a tejer a crochet. Le pedí a mi hermana Carol que me explicará y finalemente el domingo nos sentamos juntas y me explicó cómo hacerlo =) . Creo que ya le cogí el gustito!!! :P
Encontré en Ravelry un patrón para una mantita con punto ¿? (mmm ni idea como llama en español) pero como no quería empezar con un proyecto tan grande voy a hacer una almohadón basándome en ese patrón. Elegí colores fuertes y alegres y cuando lo termine será para la cama de Maria Fernanda.
Lo empecé el domingo y luego de una hora más o menos note que había agregado puntos que no debía así que tuve que desbaratar casi todo y rehacer :S ... arriba una foto de como me va quedando =)

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Veronica said...

Blue Moon looks wonderful. Congratulations on achieving your goal. I can't crochet to save my life. Am happy for you that you got it. Love the colours you picked for your first project.


Rachel said...

It looks like you are having fun with learning to crochet. I like your blanket so far. The colors are quite cheerful ;)

Good luck with your crocheting and finishing up Blue Moon!

aysezhu said...

¡Me encanta la colcha de ganchillo! Le va a quedar un almohadon perfecto a Maria Fernanda.


Julie said...

Congrats on reaching your goal on Blue Moon.She is lovely.

Wish i could crochet,your so lucky to have someone on hand to teach you.

♥ Nia said...

Congrats for meeting your goal!! :D
Crochet is so fun and addictive! Enjoy!! Have fun sweetie :)
hugs&smiles to you

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Blue Moon is beautiful. I'm in awe of those ambitious projects. Your crochet project looks really cute. I'm sure Maria Fernanda will love it! Coincidentally, I bought some yarn just today to start a little crochet scarf for a fundraising project for my guild.

Annette said...

Blue moon is wonderfull.. how great you met your goal.

You started crocheting, and started something that hard??????
Wow.. It looks so wonderfull beautifull.. I love the colors really wonderfull..
With pattern is it on ravelry?

Anne said...

Blue Moon is so lovely! I love crocheting! It's so relaxing and fun! Those are great colours you chose for your project!!


TammyK said...

Your wip is looking great :-). Wish I could crochet. Congrats on learning how.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Wonderful crochet, Carla! And of course, your stitching is always inspiring! I find crochet to be the most relaxing, rewarding pursuit of all my pursuits! Beautiful colors. :-)

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