Saturday, July 21, 2012

A blue bird for Carol

After showing Carol the little owl I had made, she asked me to crochet a bird for her. I found a cute bird that designer Teri Crews had posted on Ravelry and on Saturday night while watching TV I made it. I think it turned out very cute ♥, and I love his hair :P

Luego de mostrarle a Carol el buhito que había hecho, me pidió que le hiciera un pajarito a crochet. Esta semana encontré uno que me encanto de la diseñadora Teri Crews , y el sábado en la noche mientras veía tele. Creo que quedo muy tierno ♥, I me encanta su pelo :P

Little Blue Bird
Design: Simply Cute Blue Bird by Teri Crews
Size: 6 cm
Yarn: D'Primera (Cisne - 100% Acrilic Yarn)
Hook size: 3.5mm (E)
Started: 21. July. 2012
Finished: 21. July. 2012

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Julie said...

Love the bird,just so cute.Made me smile.
Blue Moon is just looking great.

TammyK said...

Too cute Carla :-)

Dani - tkdchick said...

That little tuft at the top just makes him super adorable!!!

Annette said...

Looking great Carla..!!
Your doing a wonderfull job and so need..
Love the bird

Claire said...

Cute bird.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

The blue bird is adorable! His "hair" makes him look a little loco, but in a good way!

Crazee4books said...

Hey Carla,

My hair looks just like your blue bird's top knot when I get up in the morning ...
well, except my hair isn't blue.

Isn't he cute?? I love his tail/backside and (of course) his hair. Do these fit
in your hand or are they bigger??

Congrats on reaching the half way point of Blue Moon. Will she have beads
and sparkly stuff in her?? It's hard to tell in photos if a design has shimmer
and glimmer or not.


Rachel said...

That is a funny bird, but definitely cute at the same time! I love its hair ;)

Congrats on all your progress in cross stitch and amigurumi. Thanks for the comments on my sampler finish!

Can't wait to see what you crochet next!

Bea said...

That is adorable! Thanks for dropping in on my blog.

Kerry said...

Hi there, just love your blog. Such pretty projects. I love Rapunzel! Hope you will check out my blog. I have been stitching for 30 years. I started as a young girl doing embroidery and needlepoint. Then I discovered cross stitch and now it is all I do. I am totally addicted to it. Stop by hope you like what you see!

sharine said...

Very cute!

aysezhu said...

A mi también me gusta mucho su pelito. ¡Está genial!

aysezhu said...

Tienes razón, el pajarito es una monada. Y el detalle de los pelillos... jajaja me encanta.


Aysezhu said...

Tienes razón, el pajarito es una monada. Y el detalle de los pelillos... jajaja me encanta.


♥ Nia said...

So cute and funny :D Well done sweetie!!

Giovi's Creations said...

Es una monada! Me encanta la tonalidad :) Giovi

Veronica said...

Oh my, Too Cute for Words! I love its hair too. LOL!


Anne said...

Oooh! Tweet tweet he's a Tweety Blue Bird! Adorable!

claire93 said...

so cute ^^ I wish I could crochet

Teri said...

Adorable! Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Crocheting! Teri

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