Monday, July 30, 2012

A slipper for me :)

Mary Jane Slipper
Now Mondays will be the days that I'll post about my crochet projects, as I only crochet on the weekends.
This week I've been very tired, MariaFe has been waking up early (5am!!! o.O) so I was grumpy all the time and with little desire to do anything. Nevertheless, I still managed to finish one of the slipper of Lisa Gutierrez's free pattern (you can find it here). Next week I'll show you the finished pair finished, I hope both look similar when I'm done :P

Ahora los lunes  serán los  días en los que publique sobre mis proyectos a crochet, ya que solo lo cojo los fines de semana.
Esta semana he estado bastante cansada, MariaFe se ha estado levantando muy temprano (5am!!! o.O) por lo que he estado de mal humor y con pocas ganas de realizar algun tipo de labor. Pero aun así logre terminar una de las zapatillas del patron gratis de Lisa Gutierrez (lo pueden encontrar aquí). La próxima semana les mostrare el par, espero me queden similares :P

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Claire said...

Great slipper.My children always walk around in one sock or slipper lol.
Looking forward to seeing both together.

tadamama said...

Cute! Looks very comfy! Can't wait to see it's mate!

♥ Nia said...

Pretty, cute and useful :D hehhehehe
I hope your baby girl will start sleeping more!! So you two can sleep ;) ehehhe

sharine said...

Very nice. Early mornings must be in the air. my little one loves waking up with the birds.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Awww those slippers are going to be adorable!!!!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Carla,

How are you doing?? Getting to sleep in a bit or is your little one still
getting you out of bed at the crack of dawn?? It's alright for her ...
I imagine she still has a nice nap in the afternoon .... but not so good
for her mamma.

Your new slipper looks lovely and warm and cozy. The strap is a nice
touch because it'll keep the slipper on your foot when you're walking.
I'd say you're really getting the hang of your new hobby. Good luck
with the second slipper.


Chris said...

The slipper looks very cosy and erad back and your bluse bird is so sweet.. clever you

Thank you for your anniversary good wishes, we are very blessed.
Chris xx

Veronica said...

so cute ;-)

Marcy said...

Your slipper looks great -- a little lonely, but great. And I just love the blue bird -- very cute!

Lana said...

I love your slipper!!! Very cute! Your foot looks cold, so tell your daughter mommy needs to finish her slipper so her foot will be warm! LOL

Aysezhu said...

Y mientras lo acabas... a la pata coja :)

Te ha quedado preciosa

Annette Bevelander said...

Love the slipper... lovely colors...
I'm still hopeing its a fase that Kira is early up every morning!!

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