Monday, April 10, 2006


This has been a very stressful weekend here in Peru. We had to go vote yesterday to decide who our next president was going to be. But, theres going to be a "second round", since none of the candidates had more than 50% of the votes. I hate elections, of course they are important, but people seem to be more irritated than usual.

So because things seemed so tense around here, I did a lot of stitching this weekend. It helps me relax. On Saturday I worked on Rune Gypsy. I stitched the first 40 rows of page 11. Then I started working on the first few rows of page 12. Normally I would have worked my way down until I finish the page, but I was feeling to lazy to move things in my lap frame. Here's the pic, I promise on my next update to unroll the whole thing, again....I was felling lazy.
Yesterday, I picked up my Sunday project (the Forever Friends kit). I worked on it for many many hours. It seemed like I spent almost all day stitching and watching Tv waiting for the results. The stitching is almost done just a few spots to fill and then the backstitch. Which in Anchor kits seem to be a bit of a nightmare, but totally worth it.

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Bea said...

Desde hace un tiempo vengo leyendo tu blog .
enhorabuena por tus avances. Me encanta el Forever Friends y has avanzado muy rápido en él. solo queda lo peor...el backstitch, ¡ánimos!

I've been reading your blog since some time ago. congratulations for your work. I love Forever Friends one. Only the worst is left. the backstitch. Come on!

See you!

Running Kiwi said...

That stitching is looking great Carol!

Kathy said...

Wow Carol it looks fab, adn I just love your Forever Friends piece, it is sooo cute.

hugs xxxxx

Kim said...

Both projects look great! The little bear is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all your progresses. Ann.

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