Monday, November 20, 2006

Baby Sampler is Finished

Well things didn't go as planned and I couldn't finish the baby sampler on Saturday ...but I did finish it today.
Tomorrow I'll go beg the framer to have it done on Saturday morning.

I went to different craft stores and couldn't find the buttons I originally wanted for this design, so I used the ones I had in my stash.
When I was in search of my buttons, I noticed in a craft store that they were selling illegal copies of Leisure Art patterns !!! They even have them on display...I was so
mad and decided never to shop in that store again. I think I'll call copyright authorities of Peru tomorrow; hopefully they will do something about it.

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Anonymous said...

Good initiative that you will contact the authorities. I am sure the designers will appreciate your action. Ann.

Anonymous said...

That's a cute finish! Congratulations!

Cindy said...

The baby sampler looks awesome, it is so cute. I do hope the framer will hurry for you!

I am glad that you are planning to contact the authorities about that craft store selling those patterns. I do hope they will do something about it!

Anonymous said...

Carla esta hermoso... felicidades

Anonymous said...

They samplers looks great Carla sooo cute well done.

Hugs xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

That baby sampler is just darling! Congrats on your finish!

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Jenn said...

What a sweet piece! Congrats on the finish.

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