Monday, November 27, 2006

Wordsworth - Christmas Cheers

I started a new project last week; it's Wordsworth from WOCS #116.
I have subscriptions to 4 cross stitch magazines (The Gift of Stitching, WOCS, Cross Stitcher and Quick and Easy), so my list of things I want to stitch from them is really long, that's why I decided I was going to start stitching some of them, Wordsworth is one of that list.
On Tuesday I went to the framer to get the baby sampler framed, I tried to convince her to have it done by Saturday morning but I had no luck, she told me she needed a week
Today I received some cute fabrics I bought last week. I'm decided to learn new techniques to finish my projects so I think these fabrics will come in handy later on.

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Cindy said...

I love the new project, it looks like it is going to be really cute. Those fabrics are great! I love them.

Just in my opinion I would check into a different framer. Most people are willing to work with you for something like that. Just my opinion. No matter what it will be treasured even if it is a few days late! ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Nice fabrics too. Thank you for sharing your wips and have fun with your new finishing techniques. Ann.

Anonymous said...

Wow he is coming along great cArla. Love the fabrics too.

Hugs xxxxx

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