Sunday, November 12, 2006

A bigger Biscornu

Thanks a lot for your comments about my biscornu...but guess was too small!!
On Tuesday I gave Carol the biscornu but when she saw it she said that she really liked it but the one she needed had to be at least twice that size So then I had to do another one, this time the design I chose was 60w x 60h. I was to lazy to think of another color of fabric and thread so I chose the same one as my first biscornu.
Sandra, my SIL, saw the first one and thought it was really cute, so she decided to keep it.

This is Mylo (our 4 month old yorkie) modeling for the camera with the second bicornu.

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Anonymous said...

You ladies always do wonderful stitching, no matter what it is ... or who is doing it. :o)

If you hadn't put 2 pictures of your puppy in the entry I would have thought she wasn't real, she is THAT adorable.

Happy Stitching.

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