Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Angel w/ Rosary

Design: Angel Rosary by Sudberry House
Fabric: 32ct Rainbow Sparkle - Reflections
(Silkweaver - Opalescent Lugana)
Threads: DMC and Madeira Metallic
Started: 27. May. 2007
Finished: 05. June. 2007

Well I finally finished this little design, as you can see it's an angel holding a rosary. I wanted him (or is it a she??)...well I wanted him/her to be a brunette but I was too lazy to do a color conversion so I decided to stick with the colors the chart called for it. I didn't have DMM 5282 so I replaced it with Madeira Metallic N°3004 that I had in my stash. As I told you in my previous post this will be a gift for my mom, I wanted to finish it as a bourse using the tutorial Isabelle made on the Focus on Finishing blog but I think I cut the fabric to short...I'm still going to try to do it and if the fabric is to short I'll find another way to finish it.

Por fin terminé de bordar este pequeño angel sosteniendo un rosario. Pensaba cambiarle el color de cabello para que sea oscuro pero me dio un poquitín de pereza así que al final lo hice rubio tal como lo indicaba el patrón. El único cambio que hice fue en el hilo metálico pues no tenía el DMM5282 así que lo reemplecé por Madeira Metalico N°3004. Como mencione en mi post anterior va a ser un regalo para mi mamá, pensaba terminarlo como un pequeño "bourse" pero creo que no tengo suficiente tela, así que si no me sale eso ya buscare alguna manera de darle un acabado a esta labor.

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BeckySC said...

It's such a sweet design :) I look forward to seeing how you finish it. Hoping the bourse finish works out for you :)

The needle & I said...

How darling is that? anyway you finish it, it will be just as sweet.

Dawn said...

That is so precious! Wonderful job:)

Jenn said...

How sweet! You did a great job.

chiloe said...

It's really cute!!! What a nice design. I hope you'll find the right project for it. What are going to stitch now?

Wendy said...

What a wonderful present that will make for your Mom! She will be thrilled with it!

Anonymous said...


JOT said...

It looks lovely! Good luck with your finishing.

Vonna said...

Very, very nice :)
It is so cute and a bourse would be lovely for it :) You could carry your rosary in it :)

Shell said...

it looks so sweet,good luck with the finishing.

rose_michelle said...

That's so pretty. I too make some of my projects brunettes. My father's family is French and my mother's family is Spanish, Hawaiian and Mexican, so there is not a blondie in the group.

Aussie Stitcher said...

That looks lovely, congratulations.


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