Thursday, October 04, 2007

SBQ - Sources

This week SBQ is:
What are your favorite online stitching supply sources?

Almost all my stitchy stuff I buy online, because here in Peru it's very difficult to find anything cross stitch related . One of my favorite ONS is
ABC Stitch Therapy, I think their service is really good and I've never had any problems with them. On my sidebar you can see a list of the ONS I've ordered from in the past and that I had good experiences with.

En el SBQ de la semana preguntaron cuál era tu principal fuente online para conseguir materiales para punto cruz. La gran mayoría de las cosas que yo tengo para punto cruz la he comprado por internet, acá en Perú es es difícil conseguirlas, lo que sí consigues son revistas españolas de punto cruz como Labores del Hogar y Labores de Ana, pero la verdad no me gustan mucho los diseños que hay ahí por tanto mi principal fuente son las tiendas norteamericanas que venden por internet. Mi favorita es ABC Stitch Therapy, he realizado muchas compras a través de ellos y hasta el momento no he tenido ningún tipo de problemas. En la columna de la derecha de mi blog pueden ver una lista de tiendas online de donde compro y en las cuales he tenido buenas experiencias.

Speaking of cross stitch stash, I received some last week. As you have read on my October goals, I'm planning on stitching two of the LHN very soon, Sampler Lady and Cappuccino. Sampler lady will be for me and I'm planning on stitching the whole LHN-Coffee/Tea thread pack series and then get them framed for my mom's kitchen.

Hablando de compras por internet, la semana pasada he recibido algunos kits y patrones que compré hace poco. Dos de ellos los pienso empezar muy pronto; Sampler Lady que lo haré para mí y Cappuccino que lo haré para la cocina de mi mamá, planeo hacer toda la serie de Café/Té para su cocina.

LHN - Curly Q, SB - Trick or Treat, SB - Wandering Shepherd, LHN - The Sampler lady

The Trilogy - Pumpkin Pete, LHN - Cappuccino

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Ranae said...

Hi! That was a really good question. I am learning where to shop online, lol.
I love the charts.
I should be getting SB Trick or Treat in the post anyday now. And I must dig up my Pumpkin Pete, I have it somewhere around here.
Have a great weekend.

Dawn said...

Great stash! I love Pumpkin Pete. He is on my to stitch list:)

Mindi said...

Nice stash you picked up. I love the coffee/tea series and should be getting my first one in the mail pretty soon - purchased from an ONS!

Aussie Stitcher said...

you got some nice stash, the tin topper Tuula made for you is lovely.

Cheryl said...

Great stash Carla!!

Karyne said...

Que bueno... a mi me encanta también comprar en varias tiendas gringas... son maravillosas!!!!! Un abrazo, Karyne

MARU said...

Bellos todos !!
a ver cuando los vemos terminaditos !!!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, nice stash haul!! I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures as you stitch them!

Hannah said...

I have never ordered from ABC Stitch Therapy before. I'll have to check it out! Nice stash!

Shell said...

some nice charts there,enjoy your new stash.

Hazel said...

Some gorgeous stash!! Hope you enjoy them. xx

Leah said...

Hi Carla,
I've bought from ABC Stitch Therapy as well, and was very happy. Moreover, they are in New Hampshire, the US State that I'm originally from.

A few years ago I was visiting my family in New Hampshire and drove up to see the store. It is WONDERFUL. The walls are absolutely COVERED with finished pieces. It was great to see the place I've only known online.

monique said...

Nice stash! Have you tried She's really fast, here in the US anyway :)

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