Monday, February 18, 2013

February IHSW

This is what I worked on this past weekend during the IHSW. On Friday, I worked on QS Heather. I love working on her! I feel I accomplished a lot during my stitching session :)

Este fin de semana fue el IHSW y esto es lo que logré avanzar. El viernes, avancé QS Heather. Me encanta trabajar en ella! Estoy muy contenta con lo que completé esa noche :)

Before IHSW
QS Heather ~ Day 10
After IHSW
QS Heather ~ Day 11

And on Saturday and Sunday I worked on a puppet I'm making for my daughter's kindergarten. It's going to be a puppet of Elmo.

Sábado y domingo avancé un titere que estoy haciendo para la guarderia de mi hija. El titere será de Elmo.

WiP ~ Elmo Puppet
I'm really happy with what I acomplished ... it's was a pretty busy weekend (took my daughter for her Hepatitis A vaccine, went shopping for school supplies and on Sunday went to the beach with my sister), so when I picked up my crafts by the end of the day I was pretty tired and could only manage and hour or so of crocheting.
A pesar que fue un fin de semana bastante ocupado (llevé a mi hija a vacunar contra la Hepatitis A, fui a comprar útiles escolares, y el domingo a la playa con mi hermana) y cuando cogía mis labores al final del día estaba bastante cansada y sólo podía hacerlo por una hora o así estoy muy contenta con los avances que logré :)
Aqui una foto de mi hijita con su "tia Cayol" ;)
MariaFe and her auntie Carol ♥

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xstitchatoz said...

Well done, Heather`s peeking now :)
I so envy you for your beautiful amigurumi - no matter how many times I try, crochet seems to be beyond me: the couple of times the end product actually resembled the pattern was only due to pure luck. On the other hand, I knitted a pig today so I`m well chuffed :))
Can`t wait to see your finished Elmo! xx

Claire said...

Great progress.And cute photo.x

Anne said...

Lovely progress Carla and that puppet will be cute! Sweet photo of you and your daughter!

Annette said...

What a beautifull WIP's your working on.
Lovely pic.. see loves the beach ..

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Great progress on both your stitch and crochet projects! Maria Fe is such a cutie!

Kasey said...

Great work on your projects!! I love the pic of you and your little girl - so sweet!

demeter83 said...

You've make loads of progress on Heather, she's looking terrific

Melissa said...

Great progress! I love all the pink :)

♥ Nia said...

Cute picture! =)
Great progress for the weekend! :D

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