Friday, April 12, 2013

FO Friday: Not impressed :/

I'm not very pleased with my finishes this week :/
The first one is a hat I made for my daughter. I don't like features of the dog/bear that I've added to it, so I'm going  remove them and just leave the ears ;) 
The good thing is that I think Fernanda looks cute with whatever she wears ♥

Esta semana no estoy contenta con los proyectos que he terminado :/
El primero es una gorra que hice para mi hija. No me gusta cómo ha quedado la cara del oso/perro, así que sólo voy a dejar las orejitas ;)
Pero igual creo que Fernandita se ve adorable con cualquier cosa que use ♥

Whatever! Hat
 Designer: Thomasina Cummings (Unique Earthlings)
Yarn: D'Primera (Cisne - 100% Acrylic) - 801 (Off White), 803 (Light Brown), 830 (Dark Brown)
Hook: 3.5mm (E) - 4mm (G)
Started: 02. April. 2013
Finished: 09. April. 2013

My other finish is a Lil' Melody. I made this one for one of Fernanda's playmate, but I'm so not happy with it :(  The thing is that I think it's very difficult to reproduce a character that is so well known. So no more Melody or Hello Kitty for me :P

El otro proyecto que terminé es Melody. Lo hice para una de las amiguitas de Fernanda, pero no estoy para nada contenta con el resultado :(  Creo que es super difícil reproducir a la perfección a una muñeca que es tan conocida. Así que no más Melody ni Hello Kitty para mí :P

My Melody

Designer: Rachel Hoe (Little Yarn Friends)
Yarn: D'Primera (Cisne - 100% Acrylic) - 381 (Hot Pink) - White
Hook: 4.5mm
Started: 10. April. 2013
Finished: 12. April. 2013

I'm linking this post to Tami's FO Friday :)

8 comentarios:

Dani - tkdchick said...

To me they look great but then I don't do crochet/knitting!!!

Claire said...

They both look cute.

Mii Stitch said...

I know nothing about crochet but I honestly think these 2 finishes are superb!!! Your work is so charming as always x

sharine said...

They both look cute but not as cute as your daughter:)

Rachel said...

Crafters are their own worst critics!! I love your finishes!!! They are adorable. Your daughter looks so cute in her hat ;) And the bunny? Kawaii!!!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

I think that both your projects are adorable! I'm going to start crocheting my first animal (a bunny) soon, and I'd be happy if it turned out half as cute as yours do.

valerie said...

I think they look great!!

aysezhu said...

Jeje, me encanta la foto de Fernanda con el sombrerito. ¡Está para comérsela!

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