Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mermaids of the Deep Blue WIP

This is how they look at 50hrs. I spent a lot of hours stitching all those beads this week. There are a lot more beads than I have thought, but it's totally worth it. In real life they are very sparkly.
This is a very fun and fast design to stitch so far.

Now I'm back to working with Row of Love...

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zoeandcooper said...

Yeah, your mermaids are looking absolutly fabulous:)

anneke said...

Hi Carol,
both projects are looking gorgeous! both are a lot of work, but it's showing.
good luck

BeckySC said...

Hello Carol,
Thanks for visiting my blog-it's so nice to meet you :)

WOW, the Mermaids of the Deep Blue is coming along BEEutifully :) WOWZER!!!

Thanks for sharing :)

Kathy said...

Hi Carol

Wow you are doing really well, it stunning and it has been added to my wish list

Hugs xxxxx

Bastet said...

The mermaids are just gorgeous! I've been putting off getting this till I saw someone stitching it. And guess what? After seeing yours I'm putting them on my diffently get list. Can't wait to see another update.

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