Friday, September 16, 2005

WIP: Mermaids of the Deep Blue

This is my progress at about 24hrs. I'm stitching it on a Hand-dyed Silkweaver 32ct Lugana: Wandering Ivy. I decided to to use a fabric with green shades, since the ocean where I live ¡s green rather than blue. I've lived 5 minutes from the beach all my life and the pacific ocean has never looked blue. And since that's the one closer to me I thought I would use it as a reference.
This time, I'm adding the beads as I go, because last time I hated leaving all the beads to the end (Crystal Christmas). And this design has lots of beads aswell.

And Anneke because you asked me this, the Row of Love project is medium size compared to the HAED chart. Rune Gypsy is a 16 page long chart!! So it will probably take me a loooong time to complete. But I just love the design so much that I have to do it.

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zoeandcooper said...

Wow, you are making amazing progress. I love the colors in this one. Have you done any of the other mermaids?


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