Sunday, September 25, 2005

New stash!

I bought two new charts from HAED today, they're having a sale this weekend. Eventhough I haven't stitch their designs yet I just love how other people's WIPs look so far. I'm gonna start mine in the next couple of weeks, I just need to put a few more hours on my current WIPs.
Anyway, these are the designs I bought:
  • Oxigen by Linda Ravenscroft

    I'm planning to stitch only half of this design.
  • Midnight Orchard by Ian Daniels.

    My sister hates this design, but I just really like it. And since I'm the one who is going to stitch it I went ahead and bought it.
    We try to agree in what we are going to stitch, but this time I just didn't listen.

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Carla said...

Yes, it's true...I don't like Midnight Orchard...but hopefully when I see it finished I'll like it ;o)

Zohrah said...

I prefer Oxigen by Linda Ravenscroft as the colours are more brighter. Hope to see your start on both of it.

anneke said...

Hi Carol, but that's okay isn't it? Designers wouldn't have a living when we stitchers would all want to stitch the same things.

Lnanaa said...

I was wondering if anyone buy from that site. I love their design. Is it hard and alot of work? Let us know.

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